SU Marching Band Handbook

SU Marching Band - Handbook Mission Statement, Credit Options, Syllabus, Registration, Expenses, Clothing
Mission Statement
The mission of the Syracuse University Marching Band is to provide music performance and leadership opportunities for the members of the SUMB, as a curricular activity. Musically, the SUMB will provide students with a diverse repertoire designed to promote musical growth within the framework of curricular rehearsal and performance experiences. Academically located within the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the SUMB supports Syracuse University events through traditional marching routines and performance of longstanding Syracuse University compositions. In addition, contemporary marching drills and music selections will be part of the performance repertoire. Members will also be given opportunities to excel academically and socially through leadership roles provided by membership in the SUMB.
Credit Options for SUMB
  To participate in the SUMB, you are required to sign up for ENI 510. There are two credit options; you can take ENI 510 for zero credit or one credit. You must take the SUMB for one credit unless this will put you over your 19 credit maximum. If so, you may then take the SUMB for zero credit. Credits for the SUMB can count as an elective in numerous degree programs; however, they will not count as an elective in all degree programs. If SUMB credit will not count as an elective in a specific degree, it does not mean you cannot participate in the SUMB. Check with your advisor to see if credit for the SUMB can be counted as an elective. You can add the SUMB at any time, simply go through add-drop within your college should you miss any registration deadlines. If you have any questions regarding the credit option for the SUMB, feel free to call 443-2194 or drop by the Band Office at 402 Crouse College.
Course Syllabus
  Marching Band
ENI 510, Sec. 001
Fall 2012
Instructor: Mr. Justin Mertz
Office: 402 Crouse College/x-2194
Office Hours: By appointment only. Drop-ins are welcome, but be advised that Prof. Mertz may not always be available.
Class Times M W Th 7:00pm-9:00pm, Carrier Dome
Fridays of Performance Weekends - all performances, not only football games - 7:00pm-9:00pm, Carrier Dome.

The times and locations of rehearsals may slightly vary based upon facility availability. Rehearsals will never begin before 7pm, end later than 10pm, or exceed six hours per non-perofrmance week.

Goals Preparation for and performance at University athletic functions, primarily football games.
Content The rehearsal of marching band music and drill routines. Rehearsals will focus on individual preparation of assigned music and drill repertoire, group cohesiveness and interpretation. The rehearsals will culminate in public performances at University athletic and music functions during the semester. Performance dates will be set in advance and should be noted by the student.
Grades Students will be responsible for the preparation of assigned musical and visual repertoire. Attendance is a primary criterion for grading since all students are assigned individual drill coordinates. All students should complete an Absence Report Form in advance to request an excused absence or tardiness. These forms can be found in the Band Office (Rm. 402, Crouse College). Please call the Band Office if you are sick or have an emergency situation that prevents you from attending a scheduled rehearsal. You should then complete an Absence Report Form at your earliest opportunity. Verification of a visit to your doctor or the University Health Center must be attached to the Absence Report Form for the absence to be excused. Each unexcused absence from a rehearsal will lower the semester grade by one letter. Two tardies will equal one absence. In order to be counted present at any rehearsal, you must have all the necessary equipment and your music and drill assignments adequately prepared. An unexcused absence from a scheduled performance will result in failure of the course. Excused absences are documented serious illnesses, death of a family member, etc. Absences of this type should be rare and, whenever possible, cleared in advance with the director. Attendance will be taken at 7:00 p.m. in the attendance block. If you are late, you will be counted absent unless you personally speak with one of the Graduate Assistants AND your Section Leader immediately upon your arrival.

  • To participate in the SUMB, you are required to sign up for ENI 510, Section 001. There are credit options for zero credits or one credit. The decision to take Marching Band for zero or one credit is up to you and your advisor. In the event that taking SUMB for one credit will put you over the 19 credit limit, then it is logical to take band for zero credit.
  • Credits for SUMB can count as an elective in numerous degree programs. However, they will not count as an elective in all degree programs. If SUMB credit will not count as an elective in a specific degree, it does not mean you cannot participate. Check with your advisor to see if band credit may be counted as an elective in your major.
  • Grading is based on attendance, preparation, etc. as described in the course syllabus (included in the SUMB Handbook that you will receive during band camp).
  • All part assignments and music distribution will be done during band camp.
  • Certain instruments (Mellophones, Baritones, and Sousaphones ONLY) are available for anyone who does not own one.
  • There is a $20 fee to rent Mellophones, Baritones and Sousaphones).
    There is a $50 fee to rent tenor saxophones .
  • Access to north campus dorms begin at 9 am on Friday, August 17!

    Students arriving on Wednesday, August 15 will stay in Ernie Davis until Friday, August 17th and then move into their dorm that housing has assigned.

  • All south-campus apartments will be available on Monday, August 13th. If you choose to move into your apartment prior to your scheduled date of arrival, you’ll need to make arrangements with the Band Office in advance and will need to prepay our cost, $27.09 per night, until your arrival date.
  • In order to receive a meal card and access your room during band camp, it is imperative that you return the Band Confirmation Form by June 29. There is no charge to you for housing during band camp.
  • LOCAL RESIDENTS: If you will not be living in a dorm during the fall semester, you will need to stay in your apartment (or at home) during band camp. A parking permit will be required to park in the West Campus Lots.


Auditions for the Wind Ensemble (ENI 510, Sec. 002) Symphony Band (ENI 510, Sec. 005), Jazz Ensemble (ENI 520, Sec. 001) and Symphony Orchestra (ENI 540, Sec. 001) will be held during the first week of classes. Check the bulletin board outside of the Band Office, 402 Crouse College and the School of Music Office, 215 Crouse College for audition times and locations.
  • CONCERT BAND is a non-auditioned concert band open to both music majors and non-music majors. it offers an opportunity to perform outstanding large band works. The Concert Band meets one night a week during the Spring semester and provides an opportunity for Marching Band members to make music in a concert setting.


  • Each person will be issued a meal card valued at approximately $50 – amount is determined by your date of arrival. Meal costs, beyond that, are the responsibility of each student.
  • The university has mellophones, marching baritones ,tenor saxophones and sousaphones for rent.

  • $20 Fee: mellophones, marching baritones and sousaphones
    $50 Fee: tenor saxophone

    Please send a check only (no cash please!) payable to “Syracuse University Bands” and return it with the confirmation form enclosed in this mailer.
  • A second check (or money order) is needed for the purchase of a t-shirt, sweatpants, shoes, gloves, etc. required for the marching band as well as a mandatory dry cleaning fee. This check should be made payable to “KKPsi/TBS”.
  • Lyres and flip folders are required and will be available for purchase during band camp. (Flutes and sousaphones are not required to have lyres!)

    • Standard T-Shirt Size:** ____
    • Sweatpants Size: ____
    • Glove Size: S M L XL
    • Shoe Size: ____

      (**XXL please add $5.00 to cost of item)
DRUMLINE - $105 (no gloves required)
(*Includes one-size fits all hat and dry cleaning)
Make checks p ayable to KKPsi/TBS
Guard jacket size:
__S __M __L __XL __2XL
(2XL - please add $5 to cost of item)
Your first name will be embroidered on your jacket.
  • Print your name: _________________________

  • Standard T-Shirt Size**: __________________

    Sweatpants Size: _______

    Shoe Size: _________
(Hand-washing fee: 19.00)

(**XXL please add $5.00 to cost of item)

TOTAL COST = $121.00
Make checks p ayable to KKPsi/TBS

VETS - Dry cleaning: $16.00
Colorguard - Hand-washing: 19.00
Dry cleaning fee already included in rookie package.

Checks payable to KKPsi/TBS


for Mellophones, Baritones and Sousaphones

$50 for Tenor Saxophone
Make checks payable to Syracuse University Bands

I have tons of school/band spirit and would love the chance to show it!

  • “Fight Song” T-Shirt $20.00 Size: ___________
  • “Pride” long-sleeve T $25.00 Size: __________
  • Standard T-Shirt $15.00 Size:**____
  • Sweatpants $22.00 Size: ____
  • Gloves ($4 pair) Size: ____
  • Cap $12.00: ____
  • Band Shoes $40.00 Size: ____
  • Guard Shoes $30.00 Size: ____
    Guard Jacket $35.00 Size ____
(**XXL please add $5.00 to cost of item)