Join A Band!

Thank you for your interest in Syracuse University Bands! If you have been accepted to Syracuse University, ESF, LeMoyne College, Onondaga Community College or you are a high school student and are just interested, then enrolling and/or receiving information about SU Bands is easy.

If you want to enroll and/or are interested in joining SUMB or another Syracuse University Band, then please submit a Performance Opportunity Form.

Prospective SUMB Members: If you have been accepted to one of the colleges listed above, you will then receive an Orange Peel Newsletter in the beginning of June. When you receive this newsletter, it is imperative that the Band Confirmation form that is enclosed is submitted by the deadline. After you have submitted the Band Confirmation form, download the SU Marching Band Music and begin practicing.

Be prepared to rehearse and make new friends once you arrive at Band Camp!

If you are a returning SUMB member, fill out the SUMB Returning Vet Form and reserve your spot in this year's band!

REMINDER: The Band Camp Confirmation Form that you will receive in the Orange Peel newsletter is a form that is required. Please return it to the Band Office by the dated deadline.